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Posted on January 13 2020

Start the new year with back to school essentials at Kizhouse. 
OmieBox an insulated bento box that holds hot and cold food in one box.
It has 2 temperature zones
so entrées keep warm while veggies and fruits stay cool.
The perfect lunchbox for summer and winter.
OmieBox OmiePod Utensil & Holder Set consists of a fork, spoon and a utensil travel holder.
The silicone utensil holder is rounded with a slot hole to fit the head of utensils inside it.
The handle of the fork and spoon will hang out.
The holder comes with a tail with a small loop at the end
such that you can hang the entire set onto anything that has a keyhole,
from the handles of your Omiebox to zippers of your bag.
This is a perfect accessory to go
with packed school lunchboxes (Omiebox), eating outdoors and picnics.
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Yumbox’s pre-portioned illustrated trays guide you
to packing healthy and hassle-free lunches! 
Yumbox is lightweight and compact with an easy-open latch.
It fits neatly into a standard size thermal lunch totes.
Yumbox is ideal for toddlers, kids of all ages and adults.
Pack Yumbox for school, play and work.
The Champion Compact Express offers an innovative solution
for height adjustment that brings together two advantages.
In practice, the Express height adjustment function is used significantly more frequently
than a motorized function:
the desktop can be easily set to the desired height by simply pressing a lever. 
The spring force of the desk can be configured
according to table load – even with an additional weight of 32 kg. 
Scientists have determined that
two to four changes in posture per hour has positive effects on health.
The Express height adjustment function is the ideal way
to ensure that your kids also use the sit-stand dynamic,
as it enables simple and comfortable changes of posture.
The only desk you'll ever have to buy for your child, the Moll ergonomic desk is designed to adjust to your child's growth.
The desk height and tilting desk surface are easy to position to just the right fit.
A fun yo-yo style pulley makes it easy for your child to adjust the desk to the best height.
This individualized ergonomic comfort reduces strain on your child's back and neck.
The unique adjustable desk design ensures the same ergonomic benefits for your child from preschool through high school.
Moll Champion Desk is available in three desk surface styles:
left up split top, right up split top and front up.
All three desk surface styles are 47.25"W x 28.32"D.
Uniquely designed with Moll brand German engineering, this ergonomic desk adjusts to fit your child at every growth spurt.
The desk height and desk surface adjust fully to ensure healthy posture and encourage good study habits.
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Super sturdy and comfortable, Moll Scooter Chair adjusts and grows with your child, offering ergonomic comfort for every age.
The chair height, seat depth and backrest height fully adjust for the perfect fit.
Mindful that children are usually in constant motion, Scooter Chair features a 6 arm chair base for unmatched stability.
The thick, steel tube frame is built to last.
Rolling casters on the base are built
to only roll easily when someone is sitting on the Scooter Chair.
This is for safety reasons, to prevent the chair
from slipping out from under the child while sitting down.
The breathable mesh seat and backrest conform to your child
to reduce pressure points.
The mesh returns to its original shape when the child stands up.
Add optional Scooter Seat Cushions for added comfort and color.
The cushions snap on easily and can be added anytime.
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