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      moll Champion front up

      perfect for right and left-handed users

        Furniture must be functional, but it should also contribute to the ambiance of the home and add a welcoming, warm quality to the room. The development of the Champion was driven by the desire to create a desk for children that is well-designed and elegant as well as practical and ergonomic. With the Champion, moll proves that furniture for children can be both beautiful and functional: Quality, function and design the moll Champion has won multiple awards and set a new benchmark for children's desks. Fluid in design and organic in shape, the Champion looks like real furniture rather than a piece of office equipment. Quality workmanship and maximum adjustability ensure the Champion desk lives up to its name.

      Split desktop: The front part of the table top can be tilted for activities such as painting, writing and reading while the back of the table remains flat to be used as an additional work surface or for storage.

      Unique tilting mechanism: With the two rope pulleys located at the front of the table, the work surface can be easily tilted without any effort. Pulling the left knob tilts the surface up, pulling on the right knob lowers it back down. moll's unique tilting mechanism is child-friendly and safety tested and ensures children adopt a straight and ergonomically correct posture while painting, writing and reading. And when the desk top is fully lowered there is no cumbersome gap between the front and back panels that make up the desk surface.

      Comfort height adjustment: The height of the desk can be easily adjusted by pulling the yo-yo style pulley attached at the side of the table. Depending on which way around the yo-yo device is clipped on, the table moves up or down. The yo-yo device can be mounted on either the left or the right side of the table and can be removed for child-proofing if required. Interchangeable colored caps to cover the housing of the yo-yo are included. The height can be adjusted from 53cm to 82cm higher even than most dining tables and suitable for children and adults ranging from 1.2m to 2.0m tall. How to adjust the height of the children's desks optimally to the height of your child, you will learn in our Product Advisior.

      Endless possibilities: Because kids like colour and their taste changes over time, moll has developed interchangeable colour inlays that are included at no extra charge. The side panels can also be retrofitted, creating endless possibilities. As children grow, they need more space and storage, the desks in the Champion range can be expanded in height, depth and width. All extensions, add-ons and accessories by moll can be retrofitted.

      Recognized for excellence in design: The moll Champion impresses with technical refinement and attention to ergonomics as well as streamlined and aesthetically pleasing design and this has been recognized internationally by expert juries. The Champion won the RED DOT Design Award and the German Design Award 2018. T

      he Champion is available in three different versions: Champion front: the entire table top can be tilted with a fixed surface at the back. Champion left up: divided table top with a tilting surface on the left (ideal for right-handers) Champion right up: divided table top with a tilting surface on the right (ideal for left-handers) For the best ergonomic fit we recommend left up for right-handers and right up for left-handers. Front up is suitable for everyone. Dimensions: 120 x 72 cm

      Worth knowing about ergonomics Would you like to learn more about ergonomics, the perfect posture and the philosophy of moll Then have a look at the moll Stories. moll C Quality made in Germany!

      Accessories included with each desk:

      • Folding book holder
      • Magnetic anti-slip strip with ruler and magnifying glass
      • Bag hook

      Item is delivered in three parts. Giant Drawer by moll is not included in delivery. Decorative elements are not included. [the_ad id="1435"]

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