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      moll Champion left up

      Perfect Study Table for right-handed people thanks to tilting of the left half of the table

      Divided table top: The left part of the table top can be tilted for painting, writing or reading C while the right part of the table serves as a practical shelf and worktop. One-time inclination: Intelligent desktop tilt function. If you pull on the left button, the worktop tilts diagonally, you pull right, it lowers. Child proof and T V approved. There are no obstructive gaps between the plate parts when the worktop is not tilted. Comfort height adjustment: The comfortable height adjustment by the moll yo-yo cable pull. By simply pulling on a cable, the height of the desk can be adjusted continuously. As a child safety, the cable can also be removed. For table heights from 53 to 82 cm. This corresponds to the height of children from 1.20m to 2.00m. How to adjust the height of the childrens desks optimally to the height of your child, you will find in our product advisor . Boundless flexibility: Because kids like colour and their taste changes over time, moll has developed interchangeable colour elements that are included free of charge. Even the table sides can be changed later and adapted. Thus there are no limits to creativity. With age, children need new storage space and additional storage space. To meet this space requirement, all champion can be extended without problems. All champion extensions, attachments and accessories from moll can be integrated at any time at a later date. Excellent design: The moll Champion does not only convince with technical refinement and the highest demands on ergonomics. He also impresses with its slim and shapely design. This acknowledges also the international expert jury. The champion is the winner of the RED DOT Design Award and winner of the German Design Award. The champion has 3 different versions to choose from: Champion front Champion left up Champion right up Depending on the selected version, the table top is ergonomically particularly suitable. Our recommendation: Left up for right-handed, right up for left-handed, front up suitable for everyone. Dimensions: 120 72 cm Dimensions inclinable surface: 69 52 cm moll C quality made in Germany!

      Accessories at every table including:

      • Foldable bookend
      • Magnetic slide-off barrier with ruler and magnifying glass
      • bag hooks

      The Champion comes in 3 flat packed boxes with easy installation instructions. The moll giant drawer can be purchased separately. Decorations and accessories not included unless stated [the_ad id="1435"]

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