JEWELER'S CRYSTALS Diamonds & Pearls Lace dress with pompoms small 4- 6Y

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      DOLLY by Le Petit Tom ® JEWELER'S CRYSTALS Diamonds & Pearls Lace dress with pompoms

      You can not keep your eyes of this lovely dress with an immaculate amount of detailing. Made of a soft lace with a pattern to get lost in, it's even enriched with rosettes of kota cotton and tulle, each embellished with diamonds, pearls and diamond balls. It's and enchanted garden to explore. The puffed short sleeves and the pompoms trims give it a sweet and Dolly look and of course our crucial touch of tulle for that ballet feel.   

      The JEWELER'S CRYSTAL Collection

      'The Jeweler’s Crystals Collection’ is inspired by my grandfather who was a jeweler. I never met him, because he passed away before I was born. I inherited his handmade pieces of jewelry from my mother, who wore them and I always was intrigued by them.

      This collection offers many natural colored items and a few ballet pinks made from beautiful cotton fabrics with different textures, combined with tulle featuring stunning embellishment using real Crystals and Gem stones to give it extra spirit, meaning, energy and power. Even if you don’t believe the crystals are always loved as jewelry.

      Especially the Bohemian appeal combined with the Dolly signature ballet element makes this collection be loved by a large audience suitable for baby, girl and women. To wear on the beach, to a gala, a wedding or just because it’s your personal every day style. They are even suitable as a bohemian wedding dress or bohemian flower girl dress. The ballet aspect is becoming more of a fashion style than a trend, so indulge and find your personal dress, crystal and gem stone.

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