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      Height Adjustment

      A child can grow up to 10 cm per year, depending on their age. With the Moll Bandit Compact, it grows to adapt with the child, saving money on replacing the desk whilst still providing the correct working posture. The children’s desk has a height adjustment of 58-82 cm. This can be quickly adapted to the increasing height of your child.


      Inclined Position

      Tabletops that can be inclined allow an upright sitting posture, which significantly relieves the sensitive spine of children. An inclinable top not only makes writing and painting easier but also prevents the child from bending too far over the table when working. If your child learns from the start to sit straight at the children’s desk, back and neck pain can be prevented. Especially when reading long texts, a relaxed and ergonomic posture is extremely important. The spring-supported adjustment of the moll Bandit makes it easy to lower and lift the tabletop from any position. The Side Top creates a children’s desk with a split tabletop.


      Pocket hook

      A sturdy holder for school bags and backpacks keeps the children’s desk tidy. The children’s desk has a hook for hanging the school bag integrated onto the foot of both legs in order to accommodate both right-handed and left-handed users.


      Giant Drawer

      The Bandit’s optional giant drawer provides additional storage space. It creates additional storage space for everything that school life brings without restricting legroom.


      Anti-slip Barrier

      With inclinable table tops, an anti-slip device is naturally part of the basic equipment. This prevents stationary from falling and supports notebooks and books when the tabletop is set at an angle.


      Adjusting Wheels

      In order to be able to do your homework concentrated at the children’s desk, a stable stand is extremely important. In the case of unevenness, the adjustable footplates on the Moll Bandits help to align the children’s desk on uneven floors can be levelled out.


      Measuring Scale

      The optimal sitting posture begins with the correct adjustment of the children’s desk. As an orientation aid for height adjustment, the measuring scale integrated into the table base makes it easier to adjust the table height. The height recommendation in the MTG manual provides additional guidance.



      Width: 120 cm

      height: 53-82 cm

      depth: 70 cm

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