Room Decals Batman Gotham Guardian

$44.95 NZD

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      Join the Caped Crusader with these Batman Gotham Guardian Wall Decals!

      Step into Gotham City with this Batman Gotham Guardian wall decal set.

      Our easily repositionable and restickable set features Batman in four different poses - flying, jumping, landing, and riding a motorcycle - plus two stickers of the Batmobile, two images of the Joker, five plain Batman logos, two Batman logos with a yellow background, and one large plain logo with "Batman" written across the front.

      The variety of Batman wall decals available in this set allow you to create multiple battle scenes between the Joker and Batman: the Joker chasing the Batmobile, Batman flying down from the top of a building to thwart the Joker's latest antics, or Batman arriving on the scene on his motorcycle just in time to save Gotham.

      At a maximum of sixteen inches tall, these thirty-one different wall decals are perfect for any boys' bedroom. Blue accents on the wall decals fit with any shade of blue walls.

      This product is printed on clear material. White or light colored walls are recommended for best results.


      4 sheets of 10" x 18" 
      decals range from 16.25" x 4.5" to 1.75" x 1"


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