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       "Moll Winner Split Comfort Children Desk"

      The childproof height adjustment of the "Comfort" model variant makes it possible to adjust the table effortlessly in ten steps. The table height is adjustable from 53 cm to 82 cm. This corresponds to a height of 1.20 m to 2.00 m. The Winner offers countless design options and is available in three different decor colours.

      For left- and right-handed users: the Winner Split desk that grows with the user.
      For years moll has been known for perfectionism and meticulous attention to detail. It is therefore not surprising that moll presented the Winner Split at imm 2019, the logical further development of the moll Winner. The moll Winner Split convinces with a split table top, highest quality of workmanship and maximum individualisation.

      Split tabletop for the perfect ergonomic posture
      Which part of the table top should be set at an angle depends on the handiness.
      If the desk is used by a left-handed person, mount the tabletop so that the inclinable part is on the right. The left flat part serves as a shelf on which everything can be placed.
      Important is within easy reach.

      The Winner Split is also ideal for right-handed users: the tiltable top section is attached to the left - easy replacement is possible at any time, so that the table can also be used by other users.
      can be used.

      The Winner Split is available in white, oak and maple finishes.

      Easy height adjustment
      Thanks to the patented "Comfort" height adjustment, the Winner Split Comfort can be adjusted in ten steps to body heights from 1.20 m to 2.00 m without any effort. The height of the desk can thus be individually adjusted from 52 to 82 cm. For comparison: most dining room tables have a height of 72-75cm. This means that the moll children's desk can be set even higher.

      The side parts have a modernised shape and the plastic elements are in a modern, light grey. The front corners of the table top have ergonomically rounded edges and prevent children from hitting each other at the corner of the table.

      The perfect basic equipment:

      • Height adjustment in 10 grid steps, stable metal base with rear roller and height compensation
      • Steplessly inclinable table top up to 18° for lifting - Braked lowering adjustable
      • Colour applications and colour stripes in 6 colours included
      • Bookend transparent
      • bag hook
      • Durable melamine resin coated desk top
      • Magnetic anti-slip device with ruler and magnifier

      Dimensions: 120×70 cm

      Worth knowing about ergonomics
      Would you like to learn more about ergonomics, the perfect sitting posture and the philosophy of moll? Then take a look at the moll stories.

      moll - Quality made in Germany!

      Accessories included with every table:

      • Bookend transparent
      • Magnetic anti-slip device with ruler and magnifier
      • bag hook
      • Orga set
      • Giant drawer
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